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May 15, 2024

Why Turkey?


Turkey is one of the most attractive markets for foreign investors looking to purchase real estate. Its unique geographical location at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East, status as a popular tourist destination, key transportation role in the modern world, picturesque natural landscapes, diverse terrain and mild climate attract millions of tourists every year. Moreover, thanks to economic and infrastructure growth over the past two decades, Turkey offers excellent investment opportunities for international business and comfortable living.

Cultural and Historical Heritage

Turkey represents an amazing blend of natural beauty, ancient history and deep cultural traditions. Exploring Turkey’s monuments allows one to immerse themselves in the chronicle of world history, as key events on two continents – Europe and Asia – are reflected here. The opportunity to live near great monuments, ancient cities and feel a connection with world history is truly valuable. Different peoples, their cultures and customs merge in Turkey. And the magnificent Turkish cuisine, saturated with the aromas of eastern spices, is considered a separate heritage of the Republic.

High Standard of Living

Over the past decade, Turkey has undergone tremendous changes. The state has actively modernized: new urban facilities, bridges, fast roads and world-class airports have emerged. Global corporations are establishing offices, educational institutions, medical centers and IT companies here. The Turkish medical field is becoming popular among foreigners, including residents of Israel and Germany. Turkish universities are recognized as among the best in the world, and many private schools offer programs in English, German, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian and other languages, facilitating comfortable adaptation for immigrant families with children. The construction sector is developing at a rapid pace. Modern residential complexes offering five-star hotel infrastructure are appearing in major cities. Luxury golf clubs, yacht marinas and world-class restaurants have become symbols of modern Turkey.

Unique Landscape

Turkey is a country of four seas: the Mediterranean, Black, Aegean and Marmara, each famous for its climatic features, beaches and resorts.

The Mediterranean Sea delights with a plethora of sunny days, warm water temperatures and a long resort season (April to October), while the Marmara Sea attracts diving enthusiasts with the beauty of its coral reefs.

The Black Sea coast impresses with its natural landscapes: lush greenery alternates with wild mountain gorges, and temperature-wise, summers are not hot, but the winter is mild yet snowy. The Aegean Sea, separating Turkey from Greece, is known for its picturesque bays and mountain panoramas of Central Taurus. The air on the coast is saturated with the healing aromas of coniferous forests and sea iodine.

Visa-Free Travel and Transport Accessibility

Turkey offers visa-free entry for tourists from many countries, including the CIS, and its convenient geographical location and transport links make it a global transport hub. This allows for easy travel between home and work in different countries, building logistics chains and doing business in international markets.

Ease of Adaptation

A large number of foreigners and the presence of various diasporas make adaptation in Turkey easier. Many institutions and companies offer services in different languages, simplifying communication and business relations. Major Turkish cities host consulates and embassies of practically every country in the world. Even the websites of most government agencies and large private companies (immigration service, court and gendarmerie, telecom, banks, etc.) are represented in several languages.

Growing Potential

In the context of geopolitical tensions, Turkey has indeed become a strategic destination for both relocation and preservation and transfer of capital from other jurisdictions, with Istanbul firmly taking its position as one of the largest aviation hubs. In addition to other factors, investors’ attention is drawn to the large-scale construction of premium real estate in the country, the development of urban infrastructure and a high quality of life.

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