Turkish Citizenship through Real Estate Investment

A Turkish passport grants you the freedom to live and work in the country without restrictions, relocate your business, use the international banking system, access medical services, and provide your children with education recognized worldwide. It simplifies global travel and serves as the perfect “Plan B.” Turkish citizenship can be obtained quickly, under favorable conditions, and through a simplified process.

From $400,000 - investment in real estate

6–8 months - time frame to obtain the passport

Passports for the whole family, with no residency requirements

Refundable investment - sell the property after 3 years

100% guaranteed result with legal support from Astons




Advantages of Turkish Citizenship

Turkiye remains one of the most accommodating countries on the European continent, where you can legally and quickly acquire citizenship through investment. This means enjoying all the privileges of being a Turkish citizen.


Visa-free Travel to 118 Countries


A Turkish passport allows visa-free travel to 118 countries, including Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. With a simplified regime, the Turkish passport provides access to 125 countries. Turkish citizens can visit almost all South American countries, most African nations, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and the Caribbean visa-free. Additionally, they can travel to Singapore, South Korea, Japan, North Macedonia, and an extended list of African countries.

Visa for the Schengen Area


Turkish citizens are eligible for a Schengen C-2 visa valid for up to 5 years, allowing stays in EU countries for up to 90 days within each six-month period. The C-2 visa is suitable for both tourism and business trips.


10-Year Tourist Visa for the USA


Turkish citizens can obtain a B-1/B-2 tourist visa for the US, valid for 10 years. This visa is issued for tourism, accessing medical services, and attending conferences and business meetings. However, the B-1/B-2 visa does not permit employment or study in the US.


E-2 Business Visa in the USA


Due to the US-Turkiye Treaty of Commerce and Navigation, Turkish citizens can apply for an E-2 visa, allowing them to live and conduct business in the US. Obtaining an E-2 visa requires investment in a US-based business.


The Right to Conduct and Open Business Both in Turkey and Globally


Turkiye is a major international transit hub today, attracting business people worldwide due to its strategic geopolitical location and openness to foreign investments. Citizenship simplifies the process of opening and running businesses. Turkish authorities encourage foreign investments with various incentives, including tax exemptions in the first year of operation. Turkiye has 18 free zones exempt from income and corporate taxes, property and inheritance taxes, and stamp duties.

A significant advantage of a Turkish passport is access to both Turkish and international banks. With a Turkish passport, you can open an account in any Turkish bank and utilize all banking services on par with other citizens of the country.


Access to Healthcare and Education


Turkish citizens enjoy free healthcare services in public hospitals. Turkish healthcare is renowned for its high standards. Every year, over half a million foreigners visit Türkiye for check-ups and treatments for complex diseases like cancer and neurological disorders. Advanced surgeries using state-of-the-art technologies, such as da Vinci robotic surgeons, are routinely performed here.


Turkish university degrees are recognized worldwide. Since 2001, Turkiye has been part of the Bologna Process. Public school education in Türkiye is free, while private schooling costs significantly less than in EU and Asian countries. Turkiye boasts over 200 universities, both private and public, along with numerous schools and colleges. Educational programs are offered in various languages, making education accessible to international students. Scholarships and exchange programs with institutions abroad, including those in the EU and the US, are available to the most talented students.


Passports for All Family Members


Investors can include close relatives—spouse and all minor children under 18 years old, as well as children with disabilities up to 21 years old—in their application for Turkish citizenship through the simplified process. The minimum investment threshold remains unchanged.


A Second Home in a Developing Country with a Mild Climate


The Turkish Citizenship by Investment program does not require permanent residence in the country. However, Turkiye can become an alternative place of residence if desired or necessary. This country offers a mild climate, a developing economy, a culture and mentality similar to that of many other countries, and comprehensive urban infrastructure not only in major cities but also in resort areas.

Discover 7 reasons to choose Turkiye here


Astons — Your Reliable Partner in the Process of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship or Residency


For over 30 years, we have been working in the field of investment immigration and relocation, offering personalized solutions for obtaining residency and citizenship in Turkey, European countries, the Pacific, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and the USA, as well as premium real estate in 11 countries worldwide.

Astons’ representation in Turkey operates in key regions of the republic. The main Turkish office is located in the heart of Istanbul. We guarantee the legal integrity of each transaction and provide European-level service—from the first consultation to obtaining the passport.


Immigration to Turkey with Astons is official, fast, and reliable.

Turkish Citizenship through a Simplified Scheme

The state program for issuing “golden passports” was launched in 2018 to attract direct foreign investment and stimulate economic growth in the country.


For significant contributions, investors and their families are granted citizenship of the Republic of Turkey. The passport is issued for life.


The program allows for a range of different types of economic contributions. Investments can be made in real estate, government bonds or stocks, investment funds, or by participating in the capital of a Turkish company, opening a business, and creating at least 50 jobs for Turkish citizens. Another option is to open a deposit in a Turkish bank.


The minimum investment amount is $400,000.

Why is Buying Real Estate in Turkey the Most Optimal Option?


95% of foreign investors choose to purchase real estate as their investment to obtain a Turkish passport. Investing in real estate in Turkey is profitable.

Over the past five years, real estate on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey has shown a steady annual growth in value of 15-30%.


Guaranteed returns are the main advantage of real estate in Turkey. Apartments can be rented out, and after three years of obtaining citizenship, they can be sold at a profit. The Turkish passport remains intact.


Purchasing different types of real estate — for participation in the program, you can acquire residential or commercial properties.


Multiple properties — you can buy a single property with a cadastral value exceeding $400,000, or several properties with a total value of at least $400,000.


The process of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment is conducted through a simplified scheme. The applicant does not need to become a tax resident, there is no requirement to declare income or assets outside the country, and there is no need to disclose the source of funds used for purchasing the real estate.

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The Process of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship in 7 Steps

At Astons, the entire process is overseen by qualified lawyers. Step by step, we will guide you through the entire procedure for obtaining citizenship – from selecting real estate and conducting legal due diligence on your chosen properties to preparing and correctly submitting your citizenship application and receiving your passport.


Consultation with an Astons Immigration Specialist

Our specialist in immigration programs will thoroughly examine your situation and offer the most suitable investment options.

Consultation with an Astons Immigration Specialist

Selection of Real Estate

We will present you with several options, conduct offline and online viewings if you are not in Turkey, and organize an introductory tour.

Selection of Real Estate
Document Preparation

We will create a detailed list of documents required for your application. Experienced immigration lawyers will assist in preparing all documents and ensure each one meets the program’s requirements.

Document Preparation

Before submitting the citizenship application, you need to open an account in a Turkish bank and complete the investment process, such as finalizing paperwork for the purchased real estate, opening a deposit, or completing the purchase of government bonds. Astons experts will guide you through the entire investment process, from selecting suitable options to closing the deal.

Obtaining a Residence Permit

To apply for citizenship, you need a valid residence permit in Turkey. However, residing in the country is not mandatory. The residence permit is issued immediately after making the investment.

Obtaining a Residence Permit
Submitting the Citizenship Application

Once you have obtained the residence permit, you can immediately apply for citizenship. The physical presence of the applicant is not required, and no additional interviews are conducted.

Submitting the Citizenship Application
Receiving the Turkish Passport

Upon receiving your second passport, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of Turkish citizenship.

Receiving the Turkish Passport

Why clients trust ASTONS?

A second home worldwide

We offer customized solutions for obtaining citizenship by investment, Golden Visas, and acquiring premium real estate in more than 11 countries: Turkey, the United Kingdom, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Cyprus, and the Caribbean region.

Experience and Expertise

Since 1989, we have been helping people find their ideal home anywhere in the world - more than 9,000 clients and $2.6 billion invested in real estate and immigration programs.

Diverse Portfolio

We work with various types of real estate, including commercial and residential properties intended for personal residence, business operations, investments, or participation in government citizenship and residency programs.

Security of your Investments

As a leader in the international market, Astons has developed robust security standards that we implement in each transaction. These standards guarantee the legal integrity of real estate assets, so you can be confident that your investments are well-protected.

Comprehensive Services

From initial consultation, property selection, legal support, obtaining immigration status, and subsequent property management, we also provide a full range of related services: opening accounts, obtaining residency or citizenship, consultations on company relocation, health insurance, children's education, or settling in.

Personalized Approach

Our specialists deeply understand your desires and needs to offer properties perfectly suited for you: modern apartments in central Istanbul or Dubai, a family home in resort Bodrum, or a luxurious chalet in the Montenegrin mountains.

Reliable Partners

We work exclusively with verified developers, check all necessary project documentation, and negotiate exclusive terms for our clients.
We also provide our clients with exclusive access to off-market projects.

Convenient Communication

You are welcome at any of our offices in Istanbul (Turkey), Limassol (Cyprus), Dubai (UAE), Cascais (Portugal), Fort Lauderdale (USA), Athens (Greece), or St. Julian's (Malta). Our experts are available online at any time convenient for you.

Why do I recommend Turkey?

Turkey is one of only a handful of countries that offer investors the opportunity to acquire a second citizenship and passport through a refundable investment.
The Turkey citizenship program provides the opportunity to capitalize on:
- Low real estate prices (compared to the EU)
- Low maintenance costs
- Visa-free travel
- Proximity to the EU and Asia
- Access to global banking
- A favorable investment climate
- Contemporary properties built to the highest standards

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Astons Sales Director in Turkey

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