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May 16, 2024

Turkish Citizenship Program

Turkey is one of the popular countries where the investment citizenship program is very comfortable for foreign investors. To obtain a Turkish passport, it is enough to purchase real estate worth $400,000 or more – one or several properties.

Main Advantages of Turkish Citizenship

Global Mobility

The Turkish passport provides visa-free access to 111 countries around the world, including South Korea, Singapore, and Japan. Turkish citizens can also obtain a 5-year C-2 Schengen visa and a B1-B2 US tourist visa valid for up to 10 years.

Ability to Retain Citizenship

Turkey allows dual citizenship, so foreign investors will not have to renounce their current passports. However, they should notify the authorities about obtaining the new status in their home countries if required.

Investment in a Growing Market

The Turkish real estate market is experiencing a real surge in demand from foreign investors. The analytical platform Endeksa evaluated the real estate data for September 2023, published by TUIK. The annual increase in housing sale prices across Turkey as of September was 109%. The average square meter sale price for housing in Turkey is 23,031 TL ($818.61), and the average housing price is 2,994,030 TL ($106,419).*

Access to the Banking System

A significant advantage of obtaining a second passport is access to international banks. Foreign investors can access global banking services, save on fees and currency exchange, and access profitable deposits and inexpensive credit facilities. This opens up new opportunities for conducting international business.

Reduced Geopolitical Restrictions

Some global financial institutions perceive certain nationalities as a risk factor. Turkish citizens face fewer restrictions in obtaining visas, opening accounts, and accessing financial services compared to other nationalities affected by geopolitical tensions.

Business Opportunities

Turkey is an international hub for air travel and transportation flows. Its advantageous geopolitical position and openness to foreign investment attract businesspeople worldwide. Having citizenship simplifies the process of opening companies. The Turkish authorities stimulate foreign investment through various benefits and concessions, up to exemption from certain taxes. Currently, there are 18 free zones in Turkey where there are no income tax, corporate tax, real estate and property tax, or stamp duty.

Education for Children According to European Standards

The higher education system in Turkey is relatively young but rapidly developing and modern: it currently ranks 43rd in the world according to the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings. Turkey has more than 200 universities, numerous schools, and colleges. Educational programs are offered in various languages, making education accessible to international students. Scholarships and exchange programs with educational institutions abroad, including EU and US universities, are available for the most talented students.

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